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Lyca Mobile SIM only bundle

Ireland Plus
25GB + 5 GB Extra Data
Your SIM arrives in 2 days
* New Customer Only
lycamobile bundles 25GB + 5 GB Extra Data
lycamobile bundles Unlimited National Mins
lycamobile bundles Unlimited National SMS
lycamobile bundles Unlimited Poland & Romania Lyca Mobile calls
  • Poland
  • Romania
lycamobile bundles Unlimited Lyca to Lyca National Text
  • Poland
  • Romania
lycamobile bundles EU Roaming Included Use your plan in Europe (13.6 GB fair use limit)
Choose Your Plan Duration
30 Days Seasonal Offer
€7,50 €15,00 €15,00 Seasonal Offer
3 Months SAVE €10
€35,00 €45,00 €45,00 SAVE €10
6 Months SAVE €25
€65,00 €90,00 €90,00 SAVE €25
12 Months SAVE €60
€120,00 €180,00 €180,00 SAVE €60

30 days plan: 50% OFF for 3 months offer valid for new Customers buying online only. First month plan costs €7.50/30 days, two further consecutive months at €7.50/30 days if auto-renewal enabled throughout. Price will revert to €15/30 days from the fourth month onwards.

*5GB bonus: Applies to new customers buying SIM + plan with monthly renewals. Auto-renew must be enabled from 1st activation to get the extra 5GB, if auto renewal is disabled customer will forfeit the 5GB bonus and plan can only be renewed with 25GB without the possibility to reinstate.

Unlimited mins and SMS consider as Maximum duration of a call 2 hours, calls and SMS up to 99 different recipients maximum throughout the plan

30 days plan: Existing customers who activated their SIM before 01.04.2022 can buy this plan online at €15/30 days/25GB by clicking on BUY NOW. Or can use below code to activate the 30 days plan.
The allowance will renew automatically every 30 days period. 30GB data allowance for new customers who activated SIM+Plan from 01.04.2022 only.

Long Term Plans: available to buy online only for New/Existing customers. New customers buying SIM + plan will get 30GB instead of 25GB. The buy price is for 3/6/12 months paid upfront online. After the initial discounted period price will
revert back to €15/30 days, you need to have enough balance to renew. The allowance will renew automatically every 30 days period.

Offers valid from 01.04.2022.

This bundle includes an EU/EEA Countries data roaming allowance of 13.6 GB when this EU allowance finishes rates will apply at €0.0036/Mb, once total data for this bundle expires then standard Pay as You Go charges applies. EU roaming rates valid from 01.07.2022.

Existing customers / New customers: Dial *139*2015# and follow the instructions on the screen or Text 2015 to 3535