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As Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to think about celebrating all that’s best about fatherhood. That’s especially true if you’re an expat dad, living or working overseas. It’s all too easy to get absorbed in life, then realise one day that your precious kids are grown and gone, and you missed it. So, here’s some advice based on experience.

Raising strong, caring children is the most important thing you’ll ever do, so spend as much time as you can with them, while they’re young. Don’t ever sacrifice your family to your work, however exciting or important it is – always have time to play. Take time off work sometimes to surprise your kids with a treat, or have a fixed time every week which is just for you and your children to hang out and have fun. It doesn’t need to be anything special – being together is enough.

Living overseas gives you a brilliant opportunity to explore a new country, eat new food, listen to new music and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities that you can’t do at home. Explore together and share the adventure. Sometimes you’ll miss things that you can do easily at home. Don’t worry, be creative and invent an alternative, from somewhere to play safely to a home for the family bunny.

Be honest with your children about the struggles of your expat life, and show them how to overcome obstacles. Encourage them to learn about local culture and language, and investigate what educational opportunities are available to them. Help them to be courageous in trying things outside of their comfort zone.

Above all, build memories. Celebrate your children’s unique gifts and abilities. They only have one dad, so take time to create relationships that matter long after your expat experience ends.

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