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While Apple have made a great success with their business model of pushing top of the range products at top of the range prices, the iPhone SE deviates slightly from that standard idea by trying to offer a cheaper entry point into the latest generation of smartphone technology. It’s designed to be a less expensive alternative to the iPhone 6s, although the deviation remains slight – this is also a phone which attempts to be all things to all people, combining a compact size, powerful performance and high-quality camera all into one, less expensive package. It’s quite a tall task, but for the most part, Apple have succeeded.

Of course, the phone feels tiny by the standards of the larger phones that we’ve become accustomed to, although it’s worth remembering that this is a relatively recent trend – the iPhone 4S was hardly centuries ago, even if it can sometimes feel that way. The four inch screen comes with a 640 x 1136 resolution and a pixel density of 326 per inch. The screen isn’t quite the same quality as the iPhone 6S’s, however, and does lack 3D touch, which may be problematic as more uses for the technology are found in apps.

The camera is excellent for the size and price. It is the same as the iPhone 6S’s, down to both the hardware and software, with the usual simple camera app which provides a great degree of functionality nonetheless (and even a great slow-motion feature). The performance is again the equal of the iPhone 6S, which is great for such a small phone, and the battery life hasn’t been sacrificed either. Storage can be a little miserly, but overall, for the greatly reduced price, it’s a fantastic achievement and certainly well worth looking at.

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