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If you’re looking for a smartphone upgrade this year – or you want to finally get your very first smartphone – you might find it overwhelming to choose between all the options available. But with this handy guide, you don’t have to worry! We’ll be giving you a rundown of some of the hottest phones hitting the market in 2016, so whether you’re into iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile, you can find the ideal phone to add to your wishlist.

iPhone 7 (and friends)

It will come as no surprise to you that Apple is releasing another new iPhone this year. The iPhone 7 will probably be announced this September. Nobody knows for sure what it will feature, but rumours are flying around about new technology with a better screen, and even possibly a completely new kind of headphone jack – this will enable a thinner iPhone than ever before!

Alongside the main iPhone 7, we expect to see an iPhone 7 plus, as well as a new miniature model.

Google Nexus 6

One of the Android phones we’re looking forward to most is Google’s very own Nexus 6. It is expected to be made by Huawei, with the latest and most powerful hardware, and even support for the frighteningly fast Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 charging tech!

Microsoft Lumia 950

The Lumia 950 will be one of the first smartphones running full Windows 10, the latest operating system to come from the computing giant. This will give an unparalleled cross-device experience for anyone using a Windows PC.

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