How to Save Bucks While Making International Calls

31 January, 2023 by Shankar
How to Save Bucks While Making International Calls
How to Save Bucks While Making International Calls

International calling can be quite expensive if you do not have the right international prepaid SIM-only plan that offers cheap international minutes, text, data, and EU roaming benefits with value for your money. And if you are someone based in Ireland and wish to connect with your friends, and family, or for professional purposes anywhere in the world, then Lyca Mobile is worth your choice, time, and money.  

It offers you amazing international bundle plans with a package of national and international minutes, text, data, and EU roaming services at a great value to stay connected with your loved ones in any part of the world. In addition, Lyca Mobile has also listed ways of saving money on your phone bill while making international calls, which we will be exploring in this article. Read on to find out more!

1. Choose the Right Plan

The first step in saving money while making international calls from Ireland is to choose the right plan for yourself. With Lyca Mobile, there are plenty of options available that offer cheap international calls from Ireland to help you stay connected with your loved ones, friends, or business contacts anywhere in the world. No matter in which part of the world they reside, Lyca Mobile helps you connect with them effectively and at incredibly affordable rates through its various international calling plans. So, make sure to compare the international calling plans and select one that best suits your international calling needs. Given this, rest assured Lyca Mobile will never disappoint you! 

2. Take Advantage of Bundles

Lyca Mobile also offers international bundles which allow customers to make international calls at discounted rates. These international bundles are well customised helping customers to reach out to their dear ones, friends, colleagues, and businesses in Europe and Asia. All these international plans come with a package of international and national minutes, data, text, and EU roaming benefits so you can get the most out of them and connect your world. Like the €10 Europe Plus international SIM-only monthly plan as given, which can be opted for with or without an auto-renewal based on your needs.  

€10 Europe Plus SIM-only bundle
30 days
  • 300 International & National Minutes to 29 European countries*
  • Unlimited Poland & Romania Lyca Mobile Calls
  • 5GB National Data
  • EU Roaming Included*

In addition, you can also explore Lyca Mobile's Eastern Europe international prepaid SIM-only plan at just €15 or the Asia Extra bundle plan at just €20 along with other monthly plans with international and national minutes, data, and EU roaming benefits at great value on the service provider’s website.

3. Go for Customised Country Plans 

If you’re making regular international calls from Ireland to any other country, then it is better to opt for an international bundle instead of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plans that will inflate your phone bill. When it comes to this, Lyca Mobile offers customised international bundle plans for a wide range of international destinations so you can select the one that best suits your needs. Be sure to check the rates and plan details for different international countries and then pick a plan accordingly to enjoy cheap international calls from Ireland.

4. Use Wi-Fi Calling

If you have access to Wi-Fi, then you can use Wi-Fi calling instead of traditional international calls from Ireland. This is significantly cheaper than international calls and much more reliable as there are no issues with call drops or bad reception. All you need is an active internet connection, and you can make international calls without any hassle.

5.Utilize VoIP Services

In addition to using Wi-Fi calling, you can also utilize VoIP services like Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meet, and Viber to make international calls from Ireland. These services are incredibly cheap compared to international calling plans and usually offer great audio quality as well. So, if you want to save money on international calls, then using VoIP services is the way to go.  

By following these tips, you can easily save a lot of bucks while making international calls from Ireland. So, be sure to check out all the international SIM-only bundle plans offered by Lyca Mobile before selecting the one that best suits your needs. You can also use Wi-Fi calling or VoIP services to further reduce your international call costs and get the most value for your money. Given these factors, you can stay connected to the world without breaking the bank with Lyca Mobile as the perfect choice for you.

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